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What is the power: vitamins and minerals

Men need vitamins no less than women. A deficiency of nutrients leads to a deterioration in well-being, affects the work of important organs. Amid a lack of minerals and vitamins, energy decreases, chronic fatigue appears, and irritability develops. Intimate life often worsens.

To restore tone, increase efficiency and improve men’s health, doctors recommend taking vitamins.

Important Vitamins
You can replenish the level of nutrients with the help of vitamin-mineral complexes. This is a quick way, but at the same time dangerous. Especially if the decision on the use of complexes is made independently. To determine what vitamins or minerals are missing in the body, you need to pass a detailed blood test.

Otherwise, an overdose of beneficial substances can be easily provoked. And an excess of vitamins and minerals is just as dangerous as a deficiency of these components.

What vitamins are required for men’s health? Doctors recommend paying attention to the following nutrients.

Vitamin A
It is recommended for men who often face stress and have to spend a long time at the computer. Retinol (as this nutrient is called) is often advised to be taken by drivers for whom visual acuity is important.

Men need Vitamin A for good vision.
Vitamin Benefits:

Improves the condition of the digestive tract. Excessive stress can lead to disruption of the digestive system. Retinol helps to restore the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Thus, he prevents the development of gastrointestinal diseases.
Increases potency. Vitamin activates testosterone synthesis. This hormone is responsible for energy and masculine strength. With enough testosterone, potency increases and sperm quality improves.
Despite the fact that men strongly support the opinion of their indifference to appearance, they, like women, absolutely do not want to grow old. And vitamin A is able to help in this strong sex. It protects against premature aging.
B vitamins
Nutrients strengthen the nervous system, improve heart function. They help normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, strengthen immunity. In addition, they provide the flow of metabolic processes.

The benefits of vitamins:

IN 1. It can be called a “vitamin of vitality and pep.” It improves metabolism. Nutrient is involved in all energy exchange processes. It activates the brain, increases the ability to remember.
AT 2. It is necessary for active men. This nutrient is often called the “energy drink.” It stimulates the functioning of the circulatory system, activates metabolism. In addition, the vitamin helps to absorb the gland and improves the synthesis of hemoglobin.
IN 3. Vitamin normalizes the flow of carbohydrate and cholesterol metabolism. It provides the synthesis of important hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, insulin, thyroxine, cortisone. Nutrient helps prevent the development of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, nervous system.
AT 5. Vitamin strengthens men’s health, activates the process of regeneration (tissue repair), improves the state of the nervous system. It reduces anxiety, makes it easier to tolerate stress.
AT 6. Nutrient prevents the development of vascular diseases, protects against muscle degeneration. Vitamin A is an effective prophylaxis against senile dementia and depression. In addition, B6 strengthens the immune system and enhances the absorption of magnesium.
AT 7. It regulates blood glucose, reduces the severity of muscle pain. Vitamin improves skin condition, gives strength to the nails. B7 prevents baldness.
AT 9. This vitamin supports the functioning of the heart, activates the production of red blood cells, and stimulates the production of sperm. B9 reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.
AT 12. Vitamin provides men with “steel nerves.” B12 strengthens the nervous system, prevents anemia. This nutrient improves blood coagulation, lowers cholesterol.
Vitamin B protects the male body from stress
Vitamin C
It is called an antioxidant, ready to help the body in stressful situations. The vitamin is good for men who smoke and drink alcohol occasionally. And this nutrient is especially necessary for active young people.

Vitamin Benefits:

Reduces the risk of cholesterol plaques. Vitamin C strengthens the vascular walls. With regular use of a sufficient amount of vitamin C, cholesterol plaques do not form in the body.
Prevents joint diseases. Nutrient is involved in the synthesis of collagen. And this substance is responsible not only for youth and beauty of the skin. This component improves the condition of cartilage and serves to prevent the development of articular pathologies.
Vitamin E
Another very useful vitamin for men’s health.

Its benefit:

Improves the hormonal background. Vitamin protects testosterone molecules from destruction. Thus, it improves the condition of a man, increases his energy, reduces irritability.
Normalizes blood circulation.

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